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Personal and Family Websites

Nick Crabb's site, Worle, Somerset  - An excellent website!!
Phil Crabb's family history site

Malcolm Crabbe's website - Modelling plus other hobbies and interests

Mike and Philippa Crabbe's family history site

North America
Don and Roni Crabb, Lancaster County, PA
Earl Crabb's "Crab Shack"
Jim Crabb's family page
Rob Crabb's site, Alberta, Canada (Under Construction)
Michael Crabb (PC Mike)
Kelly Charles Crabb -

attorney, author, playwright, songwriter, cowboy poet, father, husband
Charlie, Jackie, Wendy, Derek, Bill, and Rusty (CA)

Koen Crabbé family website (Belgium)



David Crabbe, Open University, Scotland
Dr. M. J. Crabb, Mathematics Lecturer, University of Glasgow
Helen Crabbe, Middlesex University
Dr. Michael Crabb, University of Aberdeen
Dr. David Crabb, City University, London

Prof. James Crabbe, University of Bedfordshire (Dean, Creative Arts, Tech. & Science)

Dr. Brian Crabb, University of Liverpool

North America
David Crabb, Dept. of Medicine, Indiana University
Alfred Leyland Crabb, Peabody College
John W. Crabb Ph.D.
Jack Crabb, Computer Analyst
Crabb Laboratory, Ophthalmic Research, Cleveland
Brendan Crabb - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Jim Crabb's Latin Classes, Hall High School, West Hartford, CT
R. Paul Crabb, University of Missouri Columbia, School of Music
Donald Crabb, Research Professor, University of Virginia (Physics)
Peter Crabb, Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho (Business & Economics)
Karen Crabb, University of Washington (Medicine)
Dr. Frederick Crabbe, US Naval Academy (Computing /AI)




George Crabbe, poet

George Crabbe, poet, opium taker
James Crabb, Accordian Player
Colin Crabb, Saxophonist and Composer
Gordon Crabb, Artist
Toni Crabb, Zimbabwean artist based in Barcelona
Henry Crabb Robinson, 1775 - 1867
Anne Crabb, photographer

Theatrical Promotions(?), France

Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Australian poet

North America
Extremely popular Gospel singing group
Gerald Crabb, Singer & Songwriter
Aaron and Amanda Crabb
Carver, Canada
Tabby Crabb, Urban Cowboy Band
Alfred Leland Crabb (1884 - 1979), Kentucky writer
R. L. Crabb, cartoonist and illustrator
William Crabb's Graphic Design Studio
Jim Crabb, artist, Washington
Michael Brandon. Crabb, artist, musician, photographer - Florida
Wendy Crabb, artist
Kathy Crabbe, artist, Laguna Beach, California
Aric's photo gallery, California
Ron Crabb, digital art

Patrick Shia Crabb, Artist Teacher
Kemper Crabb, songwriter, musician, theologian
Christopher Crabb, actor
Ned Crabb, Letters Editor, Wall Street Journal

South Africa
Abbot & Crabb, South African comedy/musical duo


Famous Crabb(e)s

Lionel "Buster" Crabb: Navy Diver

Larry (Buster) Crabbe: Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer and
Actor (Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Tarzan, etc.)
Great Pictures and links
Bobby Crabb - International Hero (French Comic)
Crabbe's Crusaders (Buster and Giggle)
Vincent Crabbe, Harry Potter character


Armed Forces


North America
Darren Crabb is the son of Larry Crabb, a Canadian Fighter Pilot
Larry is the brother of Byron Crabb (

(thanks to Leona Crabb for this link)
Major General Jarred V. Crabb, USAF
Brigadier General Cecil D. Crabb, USAF
Winford R. Crabb, Vietnam Veteran

P1010115001.jpg (46466 bytes)
William Crabb Bridge, Australia

Miscellaneous People and Places

H. Crabb, a crew member who died on the Titanic
Memorial to Sydney Francis Crabb, died 1916
James Crabb and historic bus service of Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset, UK
H. Crabb and Son, Concertina Makers
Alan Crabb, technician for Balfour Beatty
Stephen Crabb, Conservative Christian Fellowship
MP for Pembrokeshire
Samuel David Crabb, LibDem Councillor for Somerset
Crabb Street, Rushden, Northamptonshire
Metals Trading Handbook by Paddy Crabbe
Crabbe Cottage, Crabbe Street, Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Lionel Crabb - Technical Diving School, Netherlands

Michael Andrew Crabb, information on his prison tariff for murder

North America
Henry A. Crabb, Filibuster and the Crabb Massacre

Roy Crabb, former baseball player
Joey Crabb, New York Rangers Hockey Team (NHL)
Bill Crabb, NASA,0,6240191.story

17th slave story from Alice Crabb's will, Long Island, 1685
Crabb, Texas. The community was named for
Eliza Jane Kuykendall Crabb, landowner
Crabb's Prairie, Texas
Joe Crabb, Texas House of Representatives
Elizabeth Crabb, Texas library activist
Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada
Crabbe Elementary School, Kentucky

Crabb Band, Indiana University
Larry Crabb, New Way Ministries
In memory of Nicholas Brandon Crabb (1987 - 2003)
In memory of Carol Crabb (1928 - 2005), Columbia Daily Tribune
Obituary of John W. Crabb (died 1918) of Lake Creek, Georgia
Madeline Crabb, column writer for Renew America

Jeremiah Crabb (1760 -1800), US Representative
George W. Crabb, Alabama Auditor 1829 - 1836
Tribute to Don Crabb (1955-2000) of Macintosh community fame
Vasantha Crabb, author, TI Calculators
Gershom Crabb (1818 - 1851), American settler from Cornwall, England

Jaymon Crabb, Australian tennis player

Search Engine and Resource Links - Beware pop-ups!!
Example Arcade Machine made by Crabb Manufacturing Co.
Adults Only



Commercial Websites

Crabb Computing, specialist Gliding software and equipment
Crabb Construction Ltd., Somerset (established by Jeremy Crabb in 1984)
Crabb Curtis Estate Agents, Warwickshire
Creative web design (under construction)
Richard Crabb - Design Director
Crabb Consultants Ltd., Somerset

Steve Crabb, Courier and Light Haulage
Crabb Engineering Ltd., Flint, North Wales


North America

psvLogo225.jpg (13629 bytes)
Vineyard in Sonoma owned and run by Tony Crabb

Electrical Contracting and Engineering Services business owned by Lee Crabb
P.O. Box 7039, Surprise AZ 85374

Crabbe General Store, Glendale, Arizona

Electric Crabb - Quality Digital Content Creation, Iowa

Crabbing products, British Colombia, Canada
Advanced Speciality Care for Women - Kenneth W. Crabb
L. B. Crabb & Associates, piano repair etc., Atlanta

Perry, Crabb & Associates, Engineering Firm, Atlanta
Stephen R. Crabbe - 4 generations of lumbering and wood products
St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
Kelly Crabb (Entertainment Lawyer, Los Angeles) - books for sale
Julie Crabb, KAXE radio, Minnesota
Danny Crabbe's Charter Fishing, Heathsville, VA
Real Estate, Waxahachie, Texas
Charmaine Crabb, Real Estate, Columbus, Georgia
Edith Crabb, Real Estate, Hilo, Hawaii
Land and Water Properties in Northern Colorado
Beth Crabbe, realestate, Alamogordo, New Mexico
Crabb Financial, LLC, Solon Ohio
Ritsuko Crabb - Chiropractor, Davenport, Iowa
Crabb Insurance Agency, East Palestine, Ohio
Kelly Charles Crabb, Partner, Morrison and Forester, LLP
Internet based mineral dealer

Crabb Construction, Covina, California

Donald and Gwen Crabb, independent GNLD distributor

Australia and New Zealand
Blakiston & Crabb Solictors, Perth, Australia
Lynton Crabb Photography, Victoria, Australia
Miss Crabb fashion store, Auckland, New Zealand


No Longer Working
Real Estate, Sacramento, California
Antique Showroom, Taunton, Somerset
Professor James Crabbe, Reading University
Letitia Crabb, Solicitor, Reading University
Paul Crabb, Truman State University, Missouri
Councillor Tony Crabb
Councillor Keith Crabbe
Crabbe, Parish of St Mary, Jersey
Rachel Crabb, Guernsey Electricity
Crabbe Mountain  Park and Ski Resort, Canada
James Crabb, Accordian Player
R. L. Crabb, cartoonist and illustrator

How Buster Crabb died
Biography of Major Earl Crabb, Pilot

Major General Jarred V. Crabb, USAF
Earl Crabb, Canadian flying ace
Councillor Tony Crabbe
Joey Crabb, New York Rangers Hockey Team (NHL)
H.W. Crabb, California Wine Grower
Crabbe Mountain  Park and Ski Resort, Canada
Rosie Crabb - British Council, Singapore

Lee Crabb Photography (Beware of popups!)
Crabb House (to rent), Springfield, MO
Crabb Cards, Long Island City, NY
Regina Crabb, Real Estate, Bel Air
Crabb Huson investment advisory, West Coast
Rollston, Henderson, Rasmussen and Crabb Attorneys, South Lake Tahoe, Ca
Thomas Crabb, Attorney, Caplan & Earnest, LLP
Andrew Crabb's site
Michael T. Crabb's website
Dr. David Crabb, Nottingham Trent University (Statistics)
Thomas Crabb's Student Band
Alex Crabb, Musician from Wivenhoe
Bill Crabb's movies

How Buster Crabb died
Biography of former Canadian fighter pilot, Larry Crabb
(Byron Crabb is Larry's brother - see
Stephanie Crabb, graduate working for BOC
Richard Crabb, lawyer, Exeter and Taunton
Mike Crabb, Head of Training Operations - Aviation Training Intl. Ltd.
Barbara Brandiff Crabb - Judge
Electronic books by Brian G. Crabb
Jerry Crabb, Sprint Car Racer, Knoxville Raceway
Farming publications by Deane F. Crabb
Jefferson A. Crabb - Real Estate Specialist, Edinburg, Texas

Stephen's Website
Nicholas J. Crabb (Cool Graphics!)
Dr. Eleanor Crabb, The Open University (Chemistry)
John C. Crabb, Oregon Health & Science University (Behavioural Neuroscience)

George Crabbe, poet
Anne Crabb, photographer
Tom Crabb, Wood Turner - Richmond, Virginia
Gary N. Crabbe, Enlightened Images Photography
Captian Maureen Crabb - Canadian Airforce

Brigadier General Jeremiah Crabbe (burial grounds site)