Crabb Genealogy

Generation 1: Thomas Crabb b. c1768

We are descended from JAMES CRABB, born in Earls Colne Essex, England c. 1803.  Research indicates that James' parents were THOMAS and MARY CRABB.  The following extract from the Earls Colne, St. Andrew's parish records shows that James was baptised on April 3rd 1803.

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For more information on the village of Earls Colne visit the Discovering Earls Colne website.

Fortunately, Earls Colne has a well documented history.  The results of an amazing social anthropology project are available on a website hosted by Cambridge University.  The website contains over 300 hundred years of history collected from contemporary documents such as Parish Records, Court Records and Census Records.  The personal diary of Ralph Josselin, the vicar of Earls Colne between 1641 and 1683, is also made available. 


The Crabb name and Earls Colne

An elementary search of the Cambridge University database reveals that the name Crabb(e) appears in Earls Colne records dating back to the early 15th century. A crude summary of this information can be accessed from HERE.  This is a working document and all mistakes made in transcribing the information are mine. 

Thomas Crabb

Research continues into the history of Thomas Crabb. Its possible that he and Mary lived outside the parish of Earls Colne and only James's birth is recorded there.




The Records of Earls Colne show a Thomas Crabb being baptised on 2nd August 1792 when he was 24 years old. He married Elizabeth Webb on the same day. There is a burial record for a Thomas Crabb dated 23rd April 1841 giving an age of 77 years. If this is the same Thomas then it places his birth date between 1764 and 1768. A record of any Thomas Crabb being born within the Earls Colne parish has not been found.

Perhaps Elizabeth Webb is the mother of James and the name Mary on the baptism record for James is incorrect. Both Elizabeth and Mary were popular names within the Webb family around this time. However, there is no evidence to support this.


Generation 2: James Crabb b. c 1803 d. 1870

James travelled to London where he married ANN KERFOOT (or KAREFOOT) on October 15th 1832 in the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn in the City of London and in the county of Middlesex, where they were both residing.  Curate was W. P. Hooles and the witnesses were James Norris and George Hicks.  Both witnesses signed their names with an 'X' and their names were entered by the curate. Ann was born 1809/10 in Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire.

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James and Ann appeared in both the 1841 and 1851 census as living in a shared house at 21, Little Drummond Street, Parish of St. Pancras, District of Somers Town, Borough of Marylebone, London.  Click HERE for a map (200KB) showing this area in 1827, which is now dominated by Euston railway station.  (Map extracted from Greenwood's Map of London 1827.  The full map can be accessed to the left).

In the census of 1861 the family had moved to their own house at 16, Jockeys Fields, Parish of St. Andrews Holborn (Western Part), Finsbury.

James  died in Q4 1870 aged 67 (death registered in Holborn). Wife Ann and remaining children were still living at 16, Jockeys Fields at the time of the 1871 census. Ann died in Q4 1873 aged 64 (death registered in West Ham).

According to the census records of 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871, James and Ann had at least eight children:


ELIZABETH born circa 1835/36 in Clerkenwell, London. Listed as being aged 5 in the 1841 census.


MARY ANN CRABB aged 14 on March 30th 1851. Born 1836/37 in the City of London. Does not appear in 1861 census so assumed married - most likely in Q3 1860 (two Mary Ann Crabbs married - one in West London and one in Clerkenwell).


JAMES CRABB born circa 1839/40 in St. Pancras, London.


EMMA CRABB born circa 1841/42 in St. Pancras, London. Birth registered in Q1 1842 in St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London.


HONOR (HANNAH) ELIZA CRABB born circa 1843/44 in St. Pancras, London. Birth registered Q2 1844 in St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. In the 1871 census she is recorded as being married with a married name of Riminton. Marriage was to Henry Riminton in Q3 1867 recorded in Brentford. There is no record of a Henry and Honor Riminton in the 1881 census.


WILLIAM THOMAS CRABB born April 20th 1846 in St. Pancras, London.


MATILDA CRABB born 1848 in St. Pancras, London. Birth registered Q4 1848 in St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. Death registered in Q3 1851 (birth place given as Clerkenwell).


CHARLES CRABB born 1852 in St. Pancras, London.

We are descended from WILLIAM


Occupations of James's family

In the 1841 census James Snr. was recorded as a Coachman and In the 1851 census as a Cabriolet Proprietor. This changed to Hackney Coach Proprietor in 1861. Wife, Ann, was not recorded as having any occupation.

In 1851 an Elizabeth Crabb (age 16) is listed as being a servant ("shopwoman") at 164 Sloane Street, Chelsea for Frederick Hagger (Outfitter). In 1861 Elizabeth was a kitchen maid at 23 Lowndes Square, Chelsea for Phoebe Locke, a widow and fund holder.

Joseph and Phoebe Locke

Phoebe's late husband was Joseph Locke, notable civil engineer and MP for Honiton in Somerset. Locke Park in Barnsley was dedicated to the memory of Joseph by Phoebe.

In the census of 7th April 1861 James Jnr. (age 22 and born in St. Pancras) was in the Royal Navy serving as an "Ordy" on the HMS Algiers in Corfu. In 1871, James aged 31 was a cab proprietor. In 1881 and 1891 he was a cab driver.

In the census of 7th April 1861 Emma (aged 19 and born in St. Pancras) was a housemaid for the Taylor family (John Taylor, Solicitor) living in Hampton Court Road, Hampton, Kingston.

In 1861 daughter Honor (age 17) is listed as a "servant out of place". In the 1871 census Honor is listed as a dressmaker.

In 1861 son, William, (age 14) is an errand boy. In 1871 and 1881 he is a cab driver. In 1901 he is a cab driver groom.

In 1861 and 1871 Charles is cab driver. In 1881 he is a coachman. In the 1891 census, Charles is a resident at the St. Mary's Infirmary, Paddington.


Generation 3: James Crabb b. 1839/40

James married HARRIET COOPER (born c. 1842/1843 Thrandeston, Suffolk) in Q2 1865. Father was James (Agricultural Labourer), mother was Ann. In the 1861 census Harriet (aged 18/19) was no longer living with her parents. Most likely she was a dairymaid working on a farm in Yaxley, Suffolk although her birthplace is given as Yaxley and her age as 22. Yaxley is less than 2 miles from Thrandeston.

James died between 1891 and 1901. They had at least eight children:


JAMES H. born c Q1 1866, Islington. Errand boy in 1881. Not found in 1891 census. In 1901 census James Crabb found living at 55 Falklands Road, Kentish Town. Listed as a Poulterer/Fishmonger. Married to ADA (born c 1873 in New Barnet, Hertfordshire). One son JAMES (b. c 1898).


ALICE HARRIET born c Q4 1867, St. Pancras. Domestic servant in 1881.


ALFRED C. born c 1870, St. Pancras. Not found in 1891/1901 census.


FREDERICK WILLIAM born c Q1 1871, St. Pancras. Milkman or Cellarman(?) in 1891. Not found in 1901 census.


GEORGE VICTOR born c Q3 1874, St. Pancras. Cutter Assistant in 1891 (tailoring?). Crew member of HMS Jupiter (Gibraltar) in 1901. Married Q3 1905.

HMS Jupiter

HMS Jupiter was a Majestic-class pre-Dreadnought battleship launched on November 18th 1895. She was completed on February 11 1897 and commissioned in August 1905. She became part of the home fleet in 1908. She was scrapped in 1920.



FRANK P. born c 1877, St. Pancras. Telegraph Messenger in 1891. Town Postman in 1901 census, living at 65 Sandringham Buildings, Westminster, married to Ethel (born c. 1876 in Childham, Sussex) with daughter Dorothy (born c. 1901) - unconfirmed.


ERNEST A. born c 1879, St. Pancras. Postman in 1901.


FLORENCE M. born c 1882, St. Pancras. Domestic servant in 1901.

In 1871 and 1881 the family lived at 20 Sidney Street in the parish of St, Pancras, Marylebone. In 1901 Harriet was living at 68 College Place, Camden Town in a shared house together with Ernest and Florence..


Generation 3: Charles Crabb b. 1852

Charles married ELLEN J. Ellis or Fox?, (born c. 1853) in St. Pancras, Middlesex before 1881. Charles died in Q2 1893 in Paddington aged 42. Children:


ALBERT C. born c 1879, Paddington aged 18 months in 1881 census and aged 11 in the 1891 census. Not found in 1901 census but no record of his death between 1891 and 1901.


REGINALD born 1885, Paddington. Grocer's assistant in 1901.


HORACE born 1889, Paddington. Joined army (West Surrey Regiment) according to Militia Attestations 1886-1910.

In 1881 the family lived at 29 Stanmore Street, Islington, Middlesex. In the census of 1891 Charles was a patient at the St Mary's Infirmary, Paddington and the family were living at 142 Shirland Road, Paddington in the parish of St, Peter's.

In the 1901 census Ellen was remarried to Samuel Garrad (aged 47, born c. 1854, Cheesemonger's Assistant) and was still living at 142 Shirland Road. Reginald (aged 16) and Horace (aged 12) were also at home.


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